Love the Season, Love God’s People

  • Dear Members and Friends of Amherst United Methodist Church,
    We have arrived! We are now in that glorious season of the Christian year, Advent!
    This time of year gives us many things to ponder and consider. We get all excited about
    the great event of Christ’s birth and the celebrations and traditions designed to
    celebrate his coming.
    It is easy to get caught up in “Christmas” and forget about what Advent means to
    us as Christians. Someone asked me recently when is the appropriate time to start
    singing Christmas songs. The reality is that we, as Christians, sometimes focus on Christ’s
    birth and not the “anticipation” of his birth! Doing this we sometimes forget about the
    true meaning of Advent.  Advent is that time of anticipation for the coming of Christ.
    A time of building excitement and longing for our Saviors birth! So let’s sing Advent songs
    and talk and ponder the coming Christ! Let the excitement build so when the time
    comes, the glorious songs of Christmas will herald his birth!
    This Advent season will be using an Advent series titled “Gifts We Bring to Honor the
    King” by Dr. David Oliver. This Advent series is focused on the gifts we bring to honor the
    birth of Jesus. The first week of this Advent series is focused on the anticipation of
    the birth of Christ. The second Sunday is focused on the light that Christ brings into the
    world. The third Sunday is focused on the tangible things we give to God. Then finally the
    forth Sunday is centered on the joyful arrival of Christ.
    All of these services are interactive so please, if possible, bring the following items to
    the appropriate service:
  • Dec 3rd: If you have a bell you can ring, please bring it to church this day.
  • Dec. 10th: Bring some sort of flashlight or battery operated candle or small light.
  •  Dec. 17th: Bring a canned good item for donation to local food pantries.
  •  Dec 24th: Bring a joyful spirit and voice willing to celebrate to coming of Christ!
    I hope you are able to join us each week during Advent and for our Christmas Eve
    service at 7:00 P.M. on Sunday, December 24th. I also invite you all to remember others
    this year that may be lonely. Invite them to church or to a seasonal event. Invite them
    for a meal or provide one for them. If you can donate goods or monies to those
    charities that will help the less fortunate celebrate this season please do so. Above all
    try to spread the love of Christ around to all! Let’s remember to love God’s people as
    much as we love the season.
    Bless you all this season!
    Pastor William