The Great Opportunity for Newness

Dear Friends,
Another year has passed and with great expectations we welcome 2018!
What will this year bring to us and to our country? I am sure that many
problems and situations will carry over from 2017, but the New Year always
puts in our spirit a sense of awaking and expectation for something new or a
desire for great change. With the birth of Christ all people from all the
generations of time received the great opportunity for newness and a fresh
start because of his sacrifice.
Christ came to bring change to religious systems and practices and proclaim
God’s love for all Earth’s people. How great it is to be loved and cared for
unconditionally! With all the expectation of Christ’s birth and what it means to
us, may we greet this New Year with amplified expectations and desires? May
we love and live, give and share as Christ has for us. May we remember that
wherever we find ourselves in 2018 God is by our side. He seeks to lift up and
console, to love and keep us from harm’s way?
It is hard to believe that it has been six months since my appointment here at
Amherst UMC. It has been a great joy to serve you all and this church. As 2017
ends and 2018 begins I wanted to thank you all for you service and commitment
to this church and your help and care for our members! What a blessing to
work with such caring and giving people!
Pastor William