Absorbing God’s Word

Dear Members and Friends of Amherst UMC,
Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent is fast approaching. It begins that 40 day journey that brings us to Holy Week and Easter. Holy Week and Easter are the most sacred times of the Christian calendar. Lent is that time of penance, fasting and prayer. These prepare our hearts to understand and receive the great gift of Salvation made possible by Christ’s death and resurrection.

I would like to invite you to find an opportunity to make this Lenten season special and different. Really, the goal is to provide an opportunity for our minds and hearts to open and greet Christ in new ways. There are many resources and teachings available that we all could partake in during Lent to provide this open space for personal growth.

This year I would like to invite you all to read through the Gospel of John in these 40 days. The church will provide copies for all that are interested in doing this scheduled reading. The readings end the day before Easter. I feel this is a great way to absorb God’s word and an great way to connect with Christ during Lent. Of course there are the traditional ways of observing Lent. This reading can be done in conjunction with those and any way you choose to celebrate this great time! Remember, the point is to find a way of observing Lent that is significant for you.

Also, I invite you all to join me in the church sanctuary on Thursdays at noon for prayer time during Lent. This will be a time of quite prayer that will last until 1 P.M.
Please feel free to come and go at your will during these prayer sessions.
In Christ,
Pastor William