Prepare Together

Dear Members and Friends of Amherst UMC,
We find ourselves in the season of Lent. From a historical perspective Lent started being observed in the 4th century of the Church. The Lenten scriptures call us to care for the needy, fast and pray during this 40 day time from Ash Wednesday to Holy Week with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and concluding the Saturday before Easter. For the early Church this was a time when new
converts would be in serious study and prayer as they awaited their baptism at Easter. These new members were not on their own as they were joining a connective faith group. Therefore the whole community took part in or went through the preparation time together. As they all prepared together they welcomed those that had been separated from the Church back into their
So as this time is marked as a time of prayer and preparation as we move toward the celebration of Easter, I hope we all have settled into the idea of helping those less fortunate then ourselves, into dedicated prayer and fasting.  Perhaps joining with us as we read through the Gospel of John would be an option for you.
Whatever way you decide that you will honor this time of Lent I pray we all keep the concepts of introspection, self examination and repentance on our minds these 40 days. If you are able please join us in the sanctuary for prayer time from Noon till 1 P.M. every Thursday during Lent. If you cannot be with us join us with prayer at home or wherever you find yourself at that time.
Blessing in Christ,
Pastor William