Raising Your Spiritual Index

Dear Friends,
Summer is waning and autumn is charging into our lives! The happy fun and care free
days of the summer are fleeting and we can only remember the joyous times that
summer of 2018 held for us! In thinking about this changing of the seasons I began
wondering what makes the different seasons important to us. In other terms what
special and fulfilling memories do we gain in the different seasons?
One of many things that comes to mind is how we approach different seasons with
celebrations, most particular food. We love to celebrate with food. Summer has
cookouts and fall has bonfires and outside roasts and, of course, Thanksgiving rolls
around which brings us to the glorious season of Christmas. Oh the edible delights and
fun we have with food. I mean just give any of us a chance and we will find a way to
celebrate with food.
But food really is just fuel for our bodies. Too much fuel leads to… well we know! Too
little fuel leads to sluggishness, irritability and the inability to function correctly. Let’s
align this with our souls. The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 8:3 and Matthew 4:4 that “Man
shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God”.
Earthly nourishment is important, but so is spiritual nourishment! Our bodies take in
food and use it to function in a healthy manner. So it is with our intake of God’s word.
The Bible is replete with verses that remind us that God’s word is nourishment for
our spiritual growth and well-being. Just as our bodies need nourishment; so it is with
our souls. This is important because we are always going to be growing as a Christian.
The more we have God’s word in our hearts and on our minds the more like Christ we
will become! The human frailties will decrease while our spiritual index rises! May we all
aspire to grow in God’s word with an understanding that we will gain a multitude of
growth and closeness to God by doing so.
Find time each day to meditate on scripture and when trials of life come; look and
find scriptures that relate to your struggles. When you are angry or disagree with
people in your life find scripture that help you deal with those emotions. Just as we
approach our earthly celebrations with food to nourish our bodies, let us approach
situations in our Christian walk with nourishment for our souls by partaking of
the food for our soul which is God’s word!
Pastor William