Creating Wonderful Balance

Friends and Members of Amherst UMC,
November is the time of year where we pause and remember and renew our
commitments to God for the coming year. While this is the season for our
Stewardship Campaign, this year titled “Making Sense Out of Cents”, we should
also focus on our personal commitments to God for next year. This entails our
tithing and our personal service to the church.
As we look back over the last year we could count hours and hours of ministry
and personal time given in the cause of Christ. This is a “serving’ church. Jesus
was a serving savior and as we work for his cause we work as he would desire.
Service along with financial giving helps us put into action the call to help these
that need Jesus. God has a way of creating wonderful balance in all he does. Look
at the seasons, they come and go and each provides a time of production and
rest, bounty and growth. We, as his church, are called to be workers in his fields!
Through the church Christ’s mission is lived out and we all get to be part of it.
It is amazing to think that by the dollars we give and the hours we donate
people’s lives are introduced or touched by God. I think we overlook the work the
church does. We may not always see outright the benefit of our commitment to
give out tithes and time but it has results. We feed those that are hungry, and
provide for those that have less than us and there is a place to worship and feel
safe from a cruel world, a place where all are welcome to come and worship and
be cared for by God’s people, us!
Ephesians 2 encourages us to remember that the church “is built on the
foundations of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief
cornerstone”. In him this world is joined together to be “The Church”, loving and
giving as Christ would, really caring for the heartbreak and concerns of others. So
as you decide what your commitment, financially and in time for service, will be
for your church next year I call you to reflect on how important your time and
resources are for Christ’ work through this body of believers.
Blessings in Christ,
Pastor William