Casting Your Net

Dear Friends,
Easter has come and gone and Christ has risen! Indeed he has! What does that mean
for us on our spiritual day to day walk? It means much but one thing it means is that
Christ is calling to us all as our Savior. He is calling us into relationship.
In Luke 5: 1-1 1 we read of Jesus, standing on the shores of Lake Gennesaret,
surrounded by people. On the shoreline he sees two boats and fishermen who were
repairing their nets. Jesus jumps into Simon’s boat and ask to be taken out a bit into the
lake. When Jesus finishes speaking to the crowd he request Simon to go pull out to the
deep part of the lake and to drop his nets. Simon and the others had just finished a
fruitless night of fishing and were reluctant to throw the nets out again. But because it
was Jesus asking they did throw out the nets and were rewarded with a tremendous
It is like that for me sometimes. I am reluctant to throw the proverbial net out
because I am tired, or have done it before or just, in hindsight, do not have the correct
God centered vision. When we get stuck or don’t understand where we need to go or what
to do in seeking God’s will for us and our service to his kingdom we can ask ourselves these
questions to help direct us as we read scriptures and process ideas about our faith:
 Jesus makes himself known to people in various ways. How does Jesus move in your
life in such a way that you know it is the movement of God’s Spirit?
 We are continually being called by Jesus. Where have you been called by Jesus to go?
What is God calling you to do now?
 Simon is asked to show his love for Jesus by feeding and tending his sheep. In what
ways do you tend and feed Jesus’ flock because you love him? Which portion of
Jesus’ flock do you concentrate on?
 Jesus cares for them and cooks for them and eats with them and spends some
time just being with them. How often do you take time to just be in Jesus’
presence? Not asking or even working for, but fellowshipping and simply being?
I pray for us all to have a blessed spring where we see all God’s creation being brought
back to life and realize God renews and calls us back year round.
Pastor William